About the tildeverse shop

Our shop is a place where tilde community members can pick up clothing and items with tilde logos and references.

Tilde communities provide a "home" on the internet and a special place for friends to connect. Show your support of your tildes by picking up some swag. Share with your friends and expand the community reach.

If any profit is made here, all proceeds from this tildeverse shop will be pooled and distributed to tildeverse administrators and admins to help aid in the upkeep of their tilde communities. It's an easy way to give back while also getting some sweet gear.

Have a special request? Reach out to your tilde admin and let them know what you'd like to see added to the store next.

Privacy / Tracking Concerns

Many of you may be worried about trackers and other web technologies being used here. We've set up the site to use the minimum settings wherever possible, enabling GDPR mode world-wide, not just in Europe. You'll still be required to give information for payment and fulfillment, but we haven't attached any additional analytics or trackers nor will we ever do so. Our goal is to share swag, not grab your personal info.